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All the basic meanings of hemp rope

Release time:2019-04-17 16:07:24

Hemp rope is a fiber of various hemp plants. Hemp rope, the conventional diameter is 0.5mm-60mm. Hemp rope (including jute / sisal), two three-strand twine balls, 1.5 to 4.5 centimeters in diameter, similar to the twine. Hemp yarn from 0.8 yarns to 6 yarns, twine diameter: 1mm-5mm can be used for single-strand, two-strand, three-strand, four-strand and multi-strand yarns. It has a cylindrical, tapered paper tube and no paper packaging.

Hemp rope series

Because the cell wall of the medium hemp, flax, and apocynum is not lignified, the fiber is thick and slender and short, similar to cotton, and can be used as a raw material for relatively soft cord products.

The cell walls of jute fiber such as jute and ramie are relatively lignified and short in fiber, and can only be used as a relatively hard rope material. The products are widely used in shoe materials, clothing, packaging materials, etc. according to the degree of softness. Jute line/yarn, imported twine usually has three tights, three strands, etc., multi-strand and single-strand, which are usually used for construction, train brakes, bundled goods, etc.

Notes on the use of hemp rope
Flax fiber characteristics

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